Pivot Points Algo (PPA) for Tradingview

A pivot algorithm to enhance your trading results!

Key Points

Pivot Breakout Algo

Know exactly when to enter postion

Any TimeFrame

Auto adaptation to any Time Frame

Candle Colors

Easy way to watch chart

Tradingview Alerts

Be ready for your next trade

Main Signals

Main signals will define your entry breakout

Mini Signals

Additional breakouts within your trend

This is a Pivot Points Algo (PPA).
PPA uses an adaptive pivot algorithm that adapts to different market situations based on various factors.
PPA also includes depth filtering to make it more precise at its signal decision.
Signal Types:
Main Signal of BUY and SELL shown by buy/sell labels. 
Mini Signals of BUY and SELL shown by buy/sell arrows and shows additional breakouts after the Main Signal occurred. 
Optional reversal signals show a possible reversal in trend (small triangle).
Main Signals alerts – Alerts when a main Buy or Sell is triggered (Shown as Labels).
Combo Alerts –  Alerts when main or mini signals of Buy and Sell are triggered (Shown as Arrows).
Assets and Time frames:
Can be used on various assets, stocks, forex, crypto and works great for day trading as well as swing trading and long term investing.
PPA is designed to adjust to any time frame!

Bar Colors:

You can enable bar coloring to enhance your visual understanding of the current trend.
General info:
The purpose of this indicator is to signal possible breakouts with a high rate of success. 
PPA has been extensively tested and fine tuned to provide traders and investors with a valuable tool for timing long and short entries. However, no system is 100% perfect, and it is good practice to have a plan in place and use stop losses or other tools to mitigate unforeseen risk.

Also, note, I don’t hide what PPA is doing as opposed to some other commercial indicators on the market.

You can display the pivot lines which allows you to become a better trader as you can see what is going on behind the scenes. 

The magic is the inner system itself which works for you to pinpoint the best entrance possible, I recommend confirming your own methods to make sure you want to take the trade.

Some Additional Points

Target Any Asset

If it's stock, forex, future or crypto, Pivot Points Algo will work for you at any time frame.

Find The Trend

Pivot Points Algo is a great assistance to determine the trend.

PinPoint Your Entrance

Pivot Points Algo will allow you to pinpoint your entrance by detecting sufficient breakouts.

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